Artist, writer and researcher Tayfun Serttaş was born in Bodrum, on May 27, 1982. He studied social anthropology at Istanbul University, and graduated in 2004 with thesis titled ‘urban anthropology’. He then completed his MA at Yıldız Technical University, Art and Design Faculty in Interdisciplinary Art Program in 2004.


Since 2000, Serttaş has participated in many academic programs in Turkey and abroad. Some of the topics the artist works on are urban anthropology, social gender, cultural inheritance of the other, sociology of daily life, minorities, post-colonialism, urban transformation, immigration and social transformation, cultural strategies and minor politics. The works of Serttaş which are centered on installations are comprised of a layered synthesis of various techniques which are based on archives, found objects, sculpture, video, photography, artist books and documentary themed drawings.


The artist lives and works in Istanbul and Bodrum.