Efsun Erkılıç was born in Istanbul on August 9, 1982. She completed her BA and MFA degrees at Bilgi University in Visual Communication Design.


Artist and cultural researcher Erkılıç, also known as CreaTesla, employs an eclectic media spectrum to document various mystical inner and physical journeys. Through these journeys she has produced works in many different disciplines from journalism to performance and from painting to digital art. In addition to painting and multidisciplinary art projects, Erkılıç works on performance pieces that blend bodily expression and philosophy. Erkılıç contentrates on the notion of “space” in her post graduate studies, examining the term under categories of “personal space”, “sound space”, and “color space”. Mainly focusing on performative works in the early stages of her practice, the artist still continues her research on Color Theory.


Efsun Erkılıç lives and works in Los Angeles.