Refik Anadol "Machine Memoirs: Space"

We updated our working hours due to the curfew restrictions taken due to Covid-19.  From April 14, 2021, Refik Anadol's "Machine Memories: Space" exhibition will be open at PİLEVNELİ Dolapdere between 09.00 - 17.00 excluding Saturdays and Sundays.


Before Coming to the Exhibition:

• The exhibition is visited free of charge and without appointment.

• The visitors are admitted according to the Covid-19 measures. If the gallery capacity is in maximum, the visitors are asked to wait outside. We kindly ask visitors outside the gallery to pay attention to the 1.5 meter rule.

• Based on our experiences so far, we would like to explain that we have developed a new application for our visitors: It is very difficult for the visitors after the 200th person waiting in line at 15:00 to enter the exhibition. Therefore, our colleagues on duty at the specified hour warn our visitors after the 200th person in the queue that they should not wait verbally. We wish you to heed this warning. The 200th person we mentioned will definitely be taken to the gallery no matter what time it is.

 • The exhibition is recommended for children over the age of 9. In individual visits it is recommended that an adult assists children under the age of 15.

• Please prepare your HES code as a QR code prior to the exhibition.

• The exhibition can only be visited with galosh. Please either bring galosh along or you can purchase a pair at the entrance.

• As galosh is used throughout the exhibition, we don’t advise wearing high heels in the gallery.

 • The gallery is cleaned thoroughly regularly for the Covid-19 measures. Cleaning proceeds every day before the opening, throughout the day, and after the closing.

• The gallery staff goes through a Covid checkup on a regular basis will provide the visitors with necessary health accessories.

• The gallery doesn’t have a coat check. PILEVNELI doesn’t take any responsibility in any personal belongings.

• The visitors cannot bring any food or drinks to the gallery.

• The gallery entrance is available for disabled guests.

• The works in this exhibition are three-dimensional and contain flashing light/color effects and loud sounds. They may cause discomfort to children and adults with sensitivity. People diagnosed with photosensitive epilepsy, or have a history of seizures should be especially careful. Waiver discretion is advised.

• As the exhibition contains a very detailed technology, at unexpected times there might be need of maintenance; for this reason delays or cancellations might occur.


Exhibition Rules :

• Visitors must show their HES code upon entry.

• Measuring the temperature as entering tol the gallery is mandatory because of the pandemic.

• There are disinfection points for visitors to reach easily.

• For the pandemic measures, each visitor entering to the gallery has to wear a mask. Our visitors cannot take out their masks thoughout the exhibition, even for a photo. If you want to change your mask, you can get it free of charge from the gallery.

• As for the pandemic measures, the gallery can host only a limited number of people in the gallery, and visiting hour for each visitor is an hour. Visitors that spend beyond this time will be assisted out by our staff.

• Visitors who are both in the gallery and outside in the queue should mind social distancing.

• As for the pandemic, the bathrooms in the gallery are closed.

• Running and jumping in the gallery, touching and damaging the art works in the gallery are strictly forbidden.

• Photography only without flash and tripod is allowed in the gallery. Filming and photographing for professional shoots are strongly prohibited. For unauthorized uses, the gallery will seek authors royalties.

• All rights of the photos taken in the exhibition are reserved to PILEVNELI. Further, PILEVNELI, contains all the rights to the photos taken by the visitors through the exhibition.


“Machine Memoirs: Space” is realized with the special support of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and is sponsored by BMW distributed by Borusan Otomotiv in Turkey, IMM subsidiary Kültür AŞ and Samsung Galaxy S21 Series. Also supported by Beyoğlu Municipality, the exhibition’s contributors are ABC Deterjan, Atelier Rebul, Fuudy, Jotun, Kahve Dünyası Algötür, MG International Fragrance Company, Swissôtel the Bosphorus Istanbul, its media sponsor is Joy FM and its advertisement and publicity sponsors are City’s, IstanbulArtNews, Just Work, Kentvizyon, Panoffect and Panout.


March 31, 2021