"Intersection of Existence"


March 28 - May 4, 2019


PILEVNELI Gallery is preparing to host world-renowned multidisciplinary artist Arik Levy’s most comprehensive solo exhibition in Turkey titled “Intersection of Existence” between March 28 – May 4, 2019 at PILEVNELI Dolapdere.
The exhibition which consists of sculptures, wall sculptures, drawings and paintings can be seen over five floors of the gallery. Each floor of the gallery corresponds to a conceptual title: Prehistory, Evolution, Reformation, Illusion and Dependence.
The emblematic rock / mineral / kryptonite / perfected by subtraction until it reaches a point of complete balance and harmony. A point where nothing can further be taken off or added on. Each material and finish up adds a new skin to this statement, where the surroundings interact on the various surfaces in different ways; absorbing, projecting as well as reflecting…
The Prehistory floor traces the transition from the “primitive” yet sophisticated form of the “rock”, to formations that describe attitude, feelings, figurative intentions, composition and social reflections.
This is a phase of transition from one state of mind and form, to another.
It takes place in all subjects, matters and reflections of the artist’s work. The rocks are in a dynamic of change and the facets are detaching or getting in fusion with one another. They detach from the master formation to form a new composition, just like people who detach from their families, cultural identities and countries to join a different ones. This action regenerates into a new society, new genetics and takes part in our evolution. Facet formation is the transition from a bulky mineral to a slim figurative feature in motion.
This is referring to “genetic intimacy”, a non-place where feelings and physical characters are in fusion and give birth, in this particular instance it involves human compassion and attention.
Two, three or more living or imaginary Logs get together after being warped and joined intentionally. The artist refers to this process as “fixing nature” claiming that “humans destroy a lot.” Levy aims to restore this destruction by a small, but rather tender act which results in some sort of unification.
In between mystery and mysticism, Ghosts are amorphous unknown figures formed by exterior forces that take shape through the invisible connection of their ribs, eccentrically linked to a center, to create a dynamic, kinetic form that interacts with our physical movement. The artist explains he worked eyes half shut during this creative process and he created figures which resemble ghosts. Like ghosts, the figures own an unknown nature and just like ghosts they grow like vegetables and coral reefs.
Every single action that we take depends on some other factor.
We can remain standing up and not fall as the ground holds us and gravity pulls us. We react to someone as they act upon us. A wall holds a painting, love holds people, fuel works the motor, food nourishes the body…
Similarly relationships depend on people involved but no one can really know how long the invisible string will keep them together. There is tension and excitement, maybe even anxiety when the idea of dependence is understood as something that holds us back. But instead when we see dependence as something that facilitates our position and gives freedom to other dimensions, we feel supported, secure and calm.