PILEVNELI is happy to announce its new project that will take place in KAPLANKAYA from July to October.


After six months of preparation, in the following days, we will establish significant exhibitions in KAPLANKAYA Clubhouse, that spreads to 4500-meter squared area and designed by globally acclaimed architects Carlos Ferrater and Borja Ferrater. Throughout the project, which will be a first in the southern coast of Turkey, we will be collaborating with one of the most influential galleries of Germany, KÖNIG.


The first exhibition will consist of a selection of works by artists represented by PILEVNELI and KÖNIG. Recent works by over 30 artists will take place in the exhibition that will meet with viewers on the 8th of July. By using architectural and areal properties of the exhibition space, an imaginary collector’s house will be designed.


PILEVNELI x KÖNIG I KAPLANKAYA project that cojoins the finest examples of the contemporary art world will be the leading event of this summer.


PİLEVNELİ x KÖNIG I KAPLANKAYA project is in collaboration with ŠKODA, Six Senses Kaplankaya, Samsung, Jotun, Yataş Bedding, Atelier Rebul and MG International Fragrance Company.