PILEVNELI | Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum

Arik Levy & Zoé Ouvrier “Natural Fusion”

July 7 - August 1, 2021


PILEVNELI’s third exhibition at Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum presents Arik Levy and Zoé Ouvrier. The duo exhibition entitled “Natural Fusion” will be on view between July 7 - August 1, 2021.


Levy and Ouvrier’s works identify nature as a starting point in reaching personal and collective memories and feelings. Working in nature and together in their studio in France, the couple conveys their lives in interaction with each other in terms of their artistic practices.


A technician, photographer, video artist and designer, multi-disciplinary artist Arik Levy emphasizes that “the world is about people, not objects” while contextualizing his works which have been exhibited in prestigious art galleries, institutions and museums around the world. The objects and giant sculptures created by Levy in balance between design and art are nourished by the artist’s drawings, photographs and paintings. In addition to the latest oak wood and glass works of the “MicroRockFormation”, “Mercury” and “SolidLiquid series, the “Ghost” and “Rock” sculptures integrate with the wall sculptures and screens created using an exquisite wood-carving technique by Zoé Ouvrier.


“Natural Fusion” evaluates the personal and artistic relationship of the two artists from the perspective of the human-nature relationship. Both artists are inspired by relationships of human beings with each other and with nature, and the interaction of nature within itself. Levy’s sculptures, fostered by natural forms such as stones, minerals and rocks reach harmony with the relief wall sculptures and screens made of natural materials by Ouvrier. With the exhibition “Natural Fusion”, Levy and Ouvrier, present to the audience their artistic nature, studios, habitats and lives that they have combined yet remained independent.


The exhibition, held in collaboration with Skôda and MG International Fragrance Company, can be visited every day between 10.00-00.00.