Arik Levy

Emotional Equity

December 15, 2021 - January 29, 2022 


PILEVNELI is pleased to host the second solo exhibition of Israeli-born French multi-disciplinary artist Arik Levy. Entitled “Emotional Equity”, the exhibition will welcome visitors between December 15, 2021-January 29, 2022.


Observing and interpreting interactions in nature through the lens of a visual designer, Levy correlates human relationships and social codes utilizing natural forms and shapes. In his exhibition “Emotional Equity”, Levy focuses on the internal journey of humans through his sculptures that originate from minerals, rocks, crystals, stones and various other forms of nature. The exhibition’s title “equity”, often heard in a financial context, refers to the fact that senses and being emotional are core to human existence. The artist defines emotional equity as a platform on which a person’s physical and emotional journey, balance and imbalance stands on. This journey, balance and imbalance, also present in nature, manifests itself within people in the form of natural instinct. Arik Levy suggests there is a natural and internal order that not only exists to contribute to one’s emotional equity but also arises from it, when adapting and finding new ways to move, react and be.


The set up of the works in the exhibition and the exhibition itself aim to create a space for the visitors to dialogue with their inner selves; Levy creates an intellectual experience with “Emotional Equity”. The giant sculptural installation “LogFormationDependence 595” symbolizes the bridge between dependence and independence while connecting with nature and exploring science. Suggesting that what we look at is a part of ourselves, Arik Levy reveals a learning motivation that is part of our emotional equity and thus the exhibition becomes a vehicle for personal and communal understanding.


“Emotional Equity” will be on view at PILEVNELI in Dolapdere between December 15, 2021-January 29, 2022. The visiting hours are 10:00-18:00 Tuesday through Saturday.