Tarık Töre
“Caspar David Friedrich Nietzsche Guevara”
April 19 - May 28 2022
PILEVNELI | Dolapdere

Floor -1,0


PILEVNELI is pleased to host Tarık Töre's solo exhibition for the first time. Aiming to express the memory of his era with this solo exhibition entitled "Caspar David Friedrich Nietzsche Guevara", Tarık Töre brings together images unique to his visual world in surreal compositions. Töre’s solo exhibition will be on view between the dates of April 19-May 28, 2022 at PILEVNELI’s location in Dolapdere.


Tarık Töre evaluates in parts and sections people and their journey in life in the new world order. According to the artist, this journey is not in the form of a flow but consists of separate parts. The artist describes these divided images as self-contained sections.

The title of the exhibition represents the interweaving of three separate “icons”, namely three separate chapters from history: the German romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich, the philosopher Friedrich Nietzche, and the activist, warrior and political figure Che Guevara. Friedrich represents emotions and the romantic side of people, Nietzsche reason, while Che represents action. As with the title of  the exhibition, Töre interprets serious issues through caricatures throughout his practice. He accepts the philosophies and historical existence of these three important figures and blends their different views. By making a small change to perspective, Töre transforms the three figures into different characters.


Friedrich, Nietzsche and Che represent the three main decision mechanisms that most everyone is daily caught in between - emotions, reason and action. The complexity between these three mechanisms is evident in each of the works in the exhibition. Every person is in hesitation arising from knowledge and endless options, oscillating between emotions, reason, and direct action. This situation he finds himself in turns into a divided journey of life. In his works, Tarık Töre examines these divided hesitations and the mind wandering between unlimited options.


The composition and technique in his works support Töre's ideas. The various figures that make up the "big picture” reflect the inner works and confusion of the mind of today's people.


Tarık Töre’s solo exhibition entitled "Caspar David Friedrich Nietzsche Guevara" can be visited at PILEVNELI Tuesday through Saturday between 10:00 am – 6:00 pm.