A sculpture that wears and transforms. Bringing a new breath to ceramics, Belgian-born artist Johan Creten recreates the Lady Dior bag for the sixth edition of Dior Lady Art. Creating designs with classic leather and fabrics for years, Lady Dior is now creating the Dior Lady Art 6 collection by blending art and desire. The introspection and humanistic conscience found in Creten's works are also a factor that guides this collaboration. "Love Games", one of the two creations, makes a reference to the earth with its soft and textured suede, while the motif of bees on it turns into a removable ornament. For Creten, bees symbolize the image of a positive society, being constructive and full of energy. The embroidery of the royal blue bag is another reflection of Dior Savoir Faire. Showcasing the transformation and rebirth of Lady Dior, this collection is available in limited numbers.

December 19, 2021