Refik Anadol's new installation titled "Rumi's Dreams" is available to experience at Atatürk Cultural Center from 28 May 2022.


“Rumi's Dreams” benefits from the Mevlana archives of Refik Anadol Studio with the support of Konya Metropolitan Municipality. Refik Anadol Studio, as a result of long-term archival studies, creates a poetic, gripping and multi-sensory work of art to commemorate Mevlana on the 750th anniversary of his death. "Rumi's Dreams", which was created by making the translation of the Mesnevi in ​​19 languages ​​'read' by artificial intelligence, thus brings together the projection of the Mevlana archive created in the memory of a machine with the visitor. Anadol and his team are innovating with this project using DALL-E 2, a cutting-edge neural network and converter model that extracts images from text in collaboration with OpenAI. The resulting data universe becomes the building block of machine-generated Rumi-themed dreams that allow one to feel Mevlana's poetic universe at an augmented scale.


“Rumi's Dreams” can be experienced at Atatürk Cultural Center until 12 June 2022 as part of the Beyoğlu Municipality Culture Road.

June 9, 2022