Hans Op de Beeck's new exhibition "The Quiet Parade" will be seen by the visitors from September 21, 2022 at Amos Rex.
Life, death and memories are among the recurring themes in the works of the Belgian artist, who traps the viewer in an ordinary moment from daily life and directs them to questions about existence with his sculptures and installations that envelop the space. With the exhibition “The Quiet Parade”, Op de Beeck draws a mind map of sculptures for visitors. The exhibition, which includes the sculptures produced by the artist between 2015-2022, creates a fiction that describes different parts of life. The gray landscapes, which seem to be covered with ashes, invite visitors to slow down, embark on an inner journey and focus on the moment.
At the opening of the “The Quiet Parade” exhibition, Op de Beeck's film titled “Staging Silence (3)” will also be screened as part of the Helsinki International Film Festival. The exhibition can be visited until February 26, 2023.
September 21, 2022