"Night Diary" published with the cooperation of PILEVNELI and Doğan Kitap

A two-volume book, “Night Diary” by Jan Fabre, who is also renowned as an author, will be published simultaneously with the exhibition, with collaboration of PILEVNELI and Doğan Kitap. Serving as an autobiography of Fabre, the book contains notes dated between 1978-1984 and 1985-1991, written on art, life, daily life and relationships.


Founder of the theater company Troubleyn in 1986, Jan Fabre’s one-man play “Night Writer”, based on different volumes of his evolving “Night Diary” has been on stage in many countries such as Italy, Russia, France, Serbia, Belgium, Lithuania, Croatia, Slovenia and has won already 3 important theater awards. The artist’s solo theater/ dance production “Angel of Death”, on the other hand, has met with theater enthusiasts in 2006 within the scope of the 15th Istanbul International Theater Festival and the 4th Theater Olympics.

January 20, 2021