The exhibition, which reinterprets MoMA's archive of more than 200 years with the help of artificial intelligence and transforms it into works of visual art, will open on November 19, 2022 in MoMA, New York. The exhibition titled “REFIK ANADOL: UNSUPERVISED” will continue until March 5, 2023.

The organization and curation of the exhibition, which includes three major works, including the 24x24m LED wall on the ground floor of the museum, is carried out by Michelle Kuo, Paola Antonelli and Lydia Mullin. Michelle Kuo, Curator of Marlene Hess Painting and Sculpture Department, thinks that this exhibition will “reform the relationship between the physical and the virtual, the real and the imaginary”. Paola Antonelli, Chief Curator of the Architecture and Design Department and Director of Research and Development, says that the Refik Anadol project is proof of this innovative vision of the museum.

In the online exhibition held on FeralFile in 2021, Refik Anadol used visual data from MoMA's public archive, an advanced machine learning model to produce works that continuously and in real time create new, surreal images. The entire 'MoMA: Unsupervised' series, which reinterprets the history of modern art with the journey of artificial intelligence in the MoMA archive, will be exhibited in New York as of November 19, 2022.

November 11, 2022